The Drinking Brothers is a traveling duo who make their way to bars and art museums worldwide, dressed as male fin-de-siècle artists. The two worn geniuses live the bohemian myth down on the continent, and travel to the most romantic cities in the world to let the inspiration flow. No corner is too insignificant, scruffy or banal not to be honored with a visit from our creative friends, who illuminate it with their artistic spirit. They are very talented but unfortunately they did not have good opportunities in life, so they live a little in the gutter. Despite their sad guises they are constantly in motion, their eyes move through urban spaces, alleys and arcades, nothing escapes them, profane or exalted. But, at this historic moment the polaroid camera is turned towards the brothers, portrayed by strangers, or with the self timer. See more at: Dryckesbröderna

På äldre dar i Stockholm / Old age in Stockholm, 2017. Scroll right for full story, scroll down for earlier travelogue series and description.


Cykeltur längs Bohuskusten / Biking along the Bohuslän coast,


Målar på Österlen / Painting on
Österlen 2016.




Dryckesbröderna à Paris / The Drinking Brothers in Paris, 2015.


I Fratelli à Venezia/ The Drinking Brothers in Venice
, 2015


Dryckesbröderna tar Island / The Drinking Brothers take Iceland,


Dryckesbröderna bland tallar och enar / The Drinking Brothers among pines and junipers, 2014.



Dryckesbröderna i Broderlandet / The Drinking Brothers in Brotherland, 2014.


Wienerbröderna / The Wiener Brothers, 2013.

Dryckesbröderna sind Berliner / The Drinking Brothers sind Berliner