Artist statement

In my risk-taking video, photo and performative projects around the world I investigate various incarnations of the traveling artist as adventurer, explorer and ethnographer, in order to develop an artist's role for a female flaneur and depict the ongoing creolization of cultural industry and the art world. My practice involves questions of the exoticizing, objecitfying gaze at the/each other in film and photography, in alternating power constellations. I relate to the ethnographic method of "participatory observation", but transcend it when I manipulate reality through performative, social interventions in documentary situations. I also struggle with the ethical and moral borders of what I am allowed to do in the name of art.

Short bio

Sonia Hedstrand is a Swedish artist who works with video, photography, text and performance. Currently researching for the new project Life in 2.5 dimensions, on emotional, aestethic and performative labour in Tokyo, Japan. Alumn from Whitney Independent Study Program, New York, 2012. Master in Fine Arts from the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm 2011. Takes part in several artist run initiatives and collaborations such as Nollywood Hustlers, The Drinking Brothers, The Unsecurity Principle and 0s+1s Collective. Freelancing writer in the essay format, as well as a teacher and lecturer in video, photo and text based art, feminist perspectives and political activism at several art schools and universities in Sweden and abroad.